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Building a Home for the Future

Long overlooked, grief is now at the forefront of national conversation. What’s more, deaths in the U.S. rose by 18% in 2020 leaving even more children and families grieving. Through our Comprehensive Grief Care® Model, Judi’s House/JAG Institute is uniquely positioned to support children and families and the community-at-large in navigating grief. With community support and a new purpose-built home nestled between established Central Park and Aurora neighborhoods, we can change lives forever.

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Since 2002, Judi’s House has served more than 13,000 children and caregivers.

Through free, research-based grief care, we invest in the lives of young people by helping them build coping skills and resilience necessary to adjust to their loss and handle future challenges.

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New Home Benefits

Central location at crossroads of Denver and Aurora

Ample on-site parking for families and visitors

Purpose-built facility with multipurpose rooms

Easy access to public transit

Proximity to mental health partners

New Home Facts

26,470 square feet

7 Therapeutic Garden Spaces

5 Family Therapy and Assessment Rooms

5 Child and Youth Therapy Rooms

4 Play Therapy Rooms

Grief does not have a rule book, but in the midst of a life-altering loss, families seek stability, structure, and solutions. The community created at Judi’s House offers a safe space to ask questions while learning there is no right way to grieve. Each family discovers their own healing journey despite not having all the answers.

Micki Burns, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer

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