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Dr. Anil Idiculla is the founder of I-Orthodontics, an orthodontic practice with offices in the Denver area and Vail. A supporter of Judi’s House for more than a decade, Dr. Idiculla finds the work of Judi’s House personally meaningful given the loss of his father when he was a child.

How did you learn about Judi’s House?

I learned about it through a patient of ours. The mission really hit home for me because I lost my father when I was five and I never had anything like this when I was growing up. I did some research, took a tour, met some people there and fell in love with it right away.

Why did you decide it was important to support the organization?

The fact that they were offering these support systems that I never had. I felt drawn to support something I wish I had growing up. I started thinking about how I could get involved. Being a part of the Denver community and treating so many children, I knew there had to be a way for us to support kids in need. You always hear about how you can give your time, your treasure and your talent. At the time I learned about Judi’s House, my time was limited, and my treasure was limited since I was a new, young doctor with student loans, so my talent is what I decided to give. I told Judi’s House to send kids who needed orthodontic support my way and we would provide fee orthodontic care. I thought if I could create a smile and give a child confidence, that was the most valuable thing I could give. We just want kids to smile and be happy – especially those who have been through a loss. Positive energy is our goal regardless of their circumstances.

How has your involvement in the organization changed?

I have been able to contribute through strategic giving. I have served food there. Our team has spent time there. Before the pandemic, we would partner with Snooze for Friday Night Bites – where we gathered local people together to raise awareness for causes that are near and dear to our hearts and 100% of the proceeds from the night goes to charities we choose. One year we raised $15,000 to $20,000 for Judi’s House.  

Why do you think it’s important to raise awareness about services Judi’s House provides?

People don’t know about the resources that can help us until we are in need. It’s just like you don’t know of a good physical therapist until you get injured. In a similar vein, I won’t know about a great resource for loss and trauma until I lose somebody. This is a way to educate people about something that exists that is amazing.  The more money we raise the more they have to market and expand programs here and nationwide to help children and adults with grieving. Everyone will lose someone they love. This is a universal need and a universal part of solution.

What’s your wish for the future of Judi’s House?

I hope we’ll continue to increase awareness and help organizations in other cities get their programs started. That would be a great sign of success. I would love to see some national exposure of Judi’s House. I’m super happy to be a part of it.

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