There has been an alarming 60% increase in childhood bereavement due to accidental overdose

1 in 5 children became bereaved due to a parent’s overdose in 2021. Of the 116,910 parents who died due to all accidents in 2021, overdose accounted for 68% of those deaths.

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Grieving the death of a special person lost to accidental overdose

Children and families grieving stigmatized losses may experience reactions such as guilt, isolation, and uncertainty.

Working together to create a more grief-sensitive society helps ensure that grieving children receive the unique care and support they need to return to a healthy developmental trajectory. The action steps below can help you increase grief-sensitivity in your community.

Action steps you can take

Learn more about stigmatized deaths


Find childhood bereavement support centers across the country by searching here.

Share community resources


Supportive conversations begin with the right language.

Use grief-informed language


When you make a donation to Judi’s House and the JAG Institute, you help increase awareness of childhood bereavement.

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Request a custom report showing the impact of substance misuse/accidental overdose on childhood bereavement rates in your community

Get the data you need to demonstrate how childhood bereavement due to substance misuse/accidental overdose is impacting your community. The JAG Institute can provide custom Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model (CBEM) reports to nonprofits and other organizations working to raise awareness of issues that contribute to childhood bereavement.

The JAG Institute is committed to raising awareness of the issues that contribute to childhood bereavement.

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