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Alexis Kilgore on our Remarkable Volunteers

mayo 2, 2024

We spoke with our Volunteer and Development Coordinator Alexis Kilgore on the importance of volunteering your time and talent.

Alexis Kilgore works as our Volunteer and Development Coordinator. In her work here, she has been instrumental in growing our Volunteer Program into a robust community resource. From restructuring our Nourishment Program to breathing new life into our Emerging Young Leaders Network, Alexis has gone above and beyond in her role to serve our mission. We spoke with her about what she loves about working at Judi’s House and the importance of volunteers in fulfilling our mission.

What brought you to Judi’s House?

Alexis Kilgore: I think in many ways my own grief journey is what brought me to Judi’s House. Amidst a significant personal and professional transition, I found myself drawn towards working in and learning more about the field of grief and bereavement alongside my pursuit of an MSW.

As someone who has experienced grief at many pivotal points throughout my life, I was inspired by the mission of Judi’s House, and felt like something just clicked about applying here, and working to support other grieving families. 

What do you most love about working at Judi’s House?

Alexis Kilgore: What I love most about Judi’s House is this thing we call the “magic” of Judi’s House- it is palpable when you walk through our doors. You almost instantly feel the love, connection, and healing. 

I have the privilege of working with so many of our community members, and I hear all the time about how so many people wish there was a place like this when they were a child.  It is a humbling experience getting to work with those individuals when they finally find Judi’s House because they have a true passion for the work we do, and they help make this magic possible.

Why are volunteers so important to Judi’s House?

Alexis Kilgore: Judi’s House as we know it would not exist without volunteers. Volunteers have really been the backbone for our organization as we have grown and evolved our programming. From running our Nourishment Program to assisting families directly as Companions through their grief to now representing Judi’s House in the community, volunteers have been integral to the sustainability and growth of our mission and organization.

Why should folks volunteer?

Alexis Kilgore: I always say that every small action has the potential to make a huge impact. That’s what we see every day as our community comes together to whittle away at these tasks that may seem insignificant; collectively, the small actions make a great impact as they allow our staff to have the time to serve families directly and give our organization the opportunity to accomplish new goals and dreams. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start volunteering/ someone who is interested in getting involved?

Alexis Kilgore: Start with the mission and find somewhere to volunteer that fills your cup. While we know that small actions can make a huge impact, you also don’t have to settle in a volunteer role or project that does not align with your interests or skills. Your time is a valuable gift, and don’t be afraid to let your skills and passions shine.

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