We know that for many families, getting to Judi’s House can be difficult. To support these grieving children, Judi’s House has developed partnerships with local school districts and community organizations. Through these partnerships, the Judi’s House Community-Based Care Team offers grief care programming and workshops to youth, staff, and caregivers in Metro Denver and beyond.

School and Community-Based Grief Support Partnerships

Judi’s House recognizes that COVID-19 has increased the presence of grief throughout our community. To support schools and community organizations in starting a dialogue about loss, Judi’s House has created live, virtual workshops for youth in first through 12th grades. These workshops are developmentally tailored in terms of content and time with the following objectives:

Through this engaging, interactive, virtual experience, a knowledgeable Judi’s House team member leads classrooms and youth groups in gaining grief awareness.

Given COVID-19’s impact on gatherings, we are unable to offer school and community-based grief support groups at this time. We will resume in-person programming when it is safe.

Personnel & Staff Training

We train school personnel, childcare workers, and other agency staff who work directly with bereaved youth on techniques for making their systems grief- and trauma-aware. Learn more about hosting a professional training. Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to your desired presentation date.

We welcome your questions about supporting grieving youth and promoting grief-sensitive systems. Consult a member of our Community-Based Care Team to learn more.

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