Your gift is a symbol of hope

November 6, 2020

A cairn is a formation of stones gathered by many hands. It lets us know we are headed in the right direction, provides a reassuring nod from those who have traveled before, and offers a symbolic way to memorialize a place, event, or person. For centuries and across cultures, people have built cairns to help one another.

At Judi’s House, cairns represent milestones of healing for grieving children and families – memories of love, reflections of loss, and hopes for the future. At each milestone, we learn alongside the families we serve. We are thankful for families who stay engaged as they continue their journey, a testament to the transformative experience of Comprehensive Grief Care®.

Judi’s House has provided care to more than 11,000 children and caregivers since 2002, including Lisa and her son Oliver, who was 5 years old when his father died of cancer. This year has brought many unexpected turns, times when the path ahead seemed dark and uncertain, particularly for those struggling after the death of someone important.

Will you make a gift today that marks the way for others? Your gift is a powerful symbol of hope, signaling to others that they are on a path toward healing, surrounded by those who made the journey before.

Thank you for investing in a brighter future for the bereaved.

P.S. Be sure to take advantage of 2020 charitable giving tax incentives.

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