We Are All Connected

It is our nature to seek connection, finding the common threads that weave us together as a community. Our clients, donors, volunteers, community partners, and staff are the heart and soul of Judi’s House. These connections inspire us to continue finding new ways to support bereaved children and their families.

Meet the changemaker The Dougy Center

Meet the Changemaker: Dougy Center

May 24, 2023

A member of our first cohort of Childhood Bereavement Changemaker (CBC) organizations, the Dougy Center creates life-changing impact for children and families grieving a death loss in Portland, OR. Founded in 1982, Dougy Center was one of the first organizations to provide bereavement support groups for children and continues to provide a safe space where people can connect, heal, and navigate their grief more than forty years on. Read More

20 Stories: Ana Tenzer

May 8, 2023

As we celebrated our 20th anniversary and 20 successful years of serving grieving children and families, we shared the impact of Judi’s House through the eyes of 20 people. Read More

20 Stories: Brian Griese and Dr. Brook Griese

May 8, 2023

In 2002, Brian Griese, a former NFL quarterback who lost his mother at a young age and his wife, Dr. Brook Griese, a clinical psychologist specializing in childhood trauma and loss, founded Judi’s House in Denver. As they look back on the past 20 years, Brook and Brian share their reflections on the work Judi’s House has completed to date, the families they have supported along the way, and their hopes and dreams for the future of the organization. Read More

20 Stories: Jessica Maitland-Mayo

May 8, 2023

Jessica Maitland Mayo joined Judi’s House as CEO in 2019. A former client of Judi’s House, Jessica is a passionate advocate for the organization and champions the creation of a more grief-informed world. Read More

20 Stories: Bill Mosher

May 8, 2023

Bill Mosher is a community leader and one of the first supporters of Judi’s House. A founding board member of the organization, Bill also serves as senior managing director of Trammell Crow Company. Like Judi’s House co-founder Brian Griese, Bill also lost a parent at a young age and understands how vital bereavement support is for children and their caregivers.
Read More

20 Stories: Dr. Joy Arthur-Windsor

May 8, 2023

As we celebrated our 20th anniversary and 20 successful years of serving grieving children and families, we shared the impact of Judi’s House through the eyes of 20 people. Read More

20 Stories: Mike Van Meter

May 8, 2023

Mike Van Meter has been a Judi’s House volunteer since the organization’s founding. Until recently, he served as the nonprofit’s handyman, fixing whatever was broken in the two Victorians Judi’s House and the JAG Institute occupy. He is also a passionate companion volunteer for the organization’s Pathfinders and Connections programs, helping children and their caregivers through their grief journeys.  Read More

20 Stories: Chelsea

May 8, 2023

Chelsea is a former client who has the distinction of attending bereavement support programs at Judi’s House twice – the first time as a teen after the death of her father and then later as a caregiver after the loss of her mother greatly impacted her son and younger sister. We are grateful to her for sharing her bereavement journey with us and for her belief in the power of our programs to help participants heal.  Read More

20 Stories: Tami Davies

May 8, 2023

Tami Davies created the James Davies Memorial Scholarship to honor the memory of her husband, Lakewood Police Department Agent James Davies. James was killed in the line of duty in 2012 and is survived by his wife, Tami, and his two children Chloe and Ethan. James was known as one of the hardest working agents in the Lakewood Police Department and his work ethic and drive were admired by his peers and friends. Read More

20 Stories: Chevon Patrick

May 8, 2023

A former client of Judi’s House, Chevon Patrick and her family participated in the 10-session Pathfinders program, as well the five-session Connections program for ongoing support. Inspired by her experience, Chevon recently launched Yaya’s Halo in Georgia to provide grief counseling and other support services to Black and Brown communities.   Read More

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