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As Judi’s House looks to the future, we embrace no longer being limited by our facilities. In our new home, we have been able to bring Judi’s House and JAG Institute under one roof, as well as sustain our valuable programs benefiting children and families throughout the Aurora and Denver Metro areas and beyond. 

We invite you to join us in closing out our campaign and securing a future where lives are transformed through community, compassion, and healing by investing in our campaign or supporting our everyday programmatic efforts.

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As of June 21, 2023

Grief does not have a rule book, but in the midst of a life-altering loss, families seek stability, structure, and solutions. The community created at Judi’s House offers a safe space to ask questions while learning there is no right way to grieve. Each family discovers their own healing journey despite not having all the answers.

— Micki Burns, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer

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