We know bereaved youth and families thrive in neighborhoods that approach grief with compassion while recognizing its complications. Our training and education initiative brings our family bereavement expertise to thousands of individuals each year, enriching their community’s capacity for grief-sensitive responses. Through the Comprehensive Grief Care® Model, we create learning opportunities that bring passionate individuals together to establish effective care. 

Clinical Knowledge

We strengthen the workforce by educating graduate students and early career professionals through our intensive clinical training grounded in grief-specific, research-based, therapeutic best practices. We collaborate with communities to create customized workshops and educational events, mobilizing their resources to provide effective and consistent grief care.

Together, we can support diverse bereaved individuals, enrich community understanding, and prevent the negative consequences of unaddressed grief. 

Webinars & Workshops

Internship Program

Postgraduate Trainees

Community Outreach

We are proud of the services we offer in Metro Denver, and beyond. Members of our team are available to share information about our programming through a variety of outreach activities including resource fairs, networking events, back-to-school nights, and other community events.

We want to partner with others to advocate for childhood bereavement as a critical priority in all systems that influence grieving youth including family, education, healthcare, legal, and social welfare.

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