Drawing from nearly two decades of experience and learning, our Comprehensive Grief Care® (CGC) Model positively impacts children through a developmental perspective that appreciates the uniqueness of every grief journey, while preventing and addressing complications of bereavement. Comprehensive Grief Care® advances a wellness approach to grief support that includes a continuum of preventive, whole child, family, and community services.

Comprehensive Grief Care® (CGC) Model

CGC Practice

In addition to providing grief care services, we are building a global network of grief-informed advocates through virtual and live seminars, trainings, and workshops tailored to educate professionals, families, and community leaders.  

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CGC Research

Judi’s House prioritizes research and practice, presenting the knowledge and information gained in real-world settings to consumers and providers through accessible online tools and resources that grow the field and promote grief- and trauma-informed care.

Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model® (CBEM)

Briefs & Publications

CGC Community

Using online forums and data sharing platforms, we encourage the open exchange of information, resources, and tools that strengthen bereavement care, support, and services nationwide. These collaborative networks connect childhood bereavement advocates including grief care providers, community partners, researchers, and other leaders who inform planning, influence change, and enhance the overall impact of support for grieving families.

Childhood Bereavement Changemaker Network

Pathfinders Providers Program

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