Judi’s House provides support to children and families grieving a death. Services are provided in English and Spanish, to youth ages 3 to 25, and their families at no charge. We focus on strengths to promote healthy adjustment to loss.

Due to the current pandemic, select services are being offered virtually.

Services We Offer:


Families new to Judi’s House first receive an assessment that helps our team understand how grief is uniquely impacting them. After meeting together for a brief introduction, each member of the family is paired with an individual Judi’s House clinician.

We connect families with services at Judi’s House and in the community to best meet their needs.

Group Counseling

We provide group counseling to grieving children and their families at Judi’s House and in the community. Individuals are grouped with peers of the same age and similar death experiences. Groups facilitated by licensed counselors and trainees incorporate connection, education, coping, and caregiving skills.

Pathfinders, a 10-session program, uses art, play, and activities to uniquely reach each person. Youth meet with peer groups while adults discuss the challenges of raising grieving children and receive support for their own grief.

Connections is a 5-session group offering on-going support to families after completing Pathfinders. Families grow their relationships while adapting to changes in their grief.

Individual/Family/Couples Counseling and Play Therapy

Group counseling may not meet the needs of every child or family. When appropriate we offer short-term grief counseling. Using creative expression, communication, and other therapeutic interventions, our counselors help children and families find hope and stability in uncertain times.

To inquire about services please email us or call 720.941.0331.

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