Judi’s House provides support to children and families grieving a death.

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Grief Support Services are provided, in English and Spanish, to youth ages 3 to 25 and their families at no charge. We focus on strengths to promote healthy adjustment to loss. Judi’s House is not an immediate or crisis care provider.

To inquire about services please contact us or call 720.941.0331.

Our Services


Families new to Judi’s House first receive an assessment that helps our team understand how grief is uniquely impacting them. After meeting together for a brief introduction, each member of the family is paired with an individual Judi’s House clinician.

We connect families with services at Judi’s House and in the community to best meet their needs.

Group Counseling

We provide group counseling to grieving children and their families at Judi’s House and in the community. Individuals are grouped with peers of the same age and similar death experiences. Groups are facilitated by licensed counselors and trainees and incorporate connection, education, coping, and caregiving skills.

Groups occur four times a year. Once a group has begun, new members cannot be added. Most families who are recommended for groups are assigned to the next available start date.

Pathfinders, a 10-session program, uses art, play, and activities to uniquely reach each person. Youth meet with peer groups while adults discuss the challenges of raising grieving children and receive support for their own grief.

Connections is a 5-session group offering on-going support to families after completing Pathfinders. Families grow their relationships while adapting to changes in their grief.

Individual/Family/Couples Counseling and Play Therapy

Group counseling may not meet the needs of every child or family. When appropriate we offer short-term grief counseling. Using creative expression, communication, and other therapeutic interventions, our counselors help children and families find hope and stability in uncertain times.

Educational Workshops

Our team of experienced grief counselors provide educational workshops for parents, guardians, and adult family members who want to create understanding and connection with grieving youth. Free, virtual workshops are offered monthly and are limited in size to ensure participants can ask questions. 

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Services Flow Chart

grief Support services flow chart:
1. Family seeking services contacts Judi's House.*
2. Judi's House sends family application materials.*
3. Family sends completed application materials to Judi's House.
4. Judi's House reaches out to schedule initial assessment.
5. Family attends initial assessment.*
6. Judi's House team meets to discuss assessment and family's needs.
7. Approx. 2 weeks post-assessment, Judi's House team contacts family to discuss service recommendations.*

*Read more information about these steps in the FAQs below.

Services FAQ

Why do families have to wait two months after a death loss before receiving services?

Judi’s House is not an immediate or crisis care provider.

To keep our services available at no cost to families, our area of specialization is limited, and our clinicians are not trained to provide crisis services. Our data demonstrates that our services are not effective in the months immediately following a death loss. When families are struggling with the immediate stress and strain brought on by the loss, they are not always cognitively able to take in and benefit from the programming we offer.

Once two months have passed since the death, we can provide an initial assessment to determine what resources best meet a family’s needs.

If a family is in need of immediate or crisis care, we will do our best to provide appropriate referrals.

Why does the family requiring services have to contact Judi’s House?

Following a death loss, members of the community including family, friends, and advocates, often want to do everything they can to support the bereaved. This includes seeking therapeutic support for the grieving family members.

Over the past two decades of assisting families at Judi’s House, we have learned that seeking therapeutic support is an individual decision that caregivers make considering many factors such as time, resources, and emotional commitment. For this reason, we require that the initial request for services come directly from the bereaved family. If a community member or social support provider would like to assist the bereaved caregiver in making this call, we ask that you call our Grief Care Coordinators together.

What is included in the application materials?

There are four parts of the application:

  1. Family application
  2. Individual applications for each child you are seeking services for
  3. Consent form that must be signed by all medical decision makers for any child that will receive services
  4. Communication consent form
What can I expect during the initial assessment?

All members of the family who are seeking services must attend the assessment. At the start of the assessment, a member of our clinical staff conducts a full family meeting with all participants. Following the family meeting, each family member will meet individually with our clinical staff.

What days of the week are initial assessments scheduled?

Initial assessments are scheduled during daytime business hours Mondays – Thursdays.

How long is the initial assessment?

Initial assessments typically last for 1 1/2 hours.

What are the different services that Judi’s House may recommend?

Judi’s House may recommend the following services:

  • Services at Judi’s House, including:
    • Group counseling
    • Non-group counseling
    • Educational workshops
  • Services with outside providers
  • No services
  • Any combination of the above

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