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A Judi’s House Family Story: The Betts Family

April 14, 2022

Meet former clients and 2021 Healing Hand Award Honorees– The Betts Family. The Betts Family has supported our mission and vision through events like the Royal Ball and the annual Michael and Cora Betts Legacy Golf Tournament. The golf tournament honors the lives of Michael and Cora, siblings who lost their lives in a tragic car accident. Since 2008, the golf tournament has raised more than $220,000 in support of bereaved families in our community.

“One of the hardest things for my wife and I is that I know in the months following the accident, we weren’t the parents we felt we could’ve been…Running [the golf tournament] over the years always makes me think about Judi’s House, what they do, and helps remind me that the grief journey is ongoing and allows me to be a better parent.” – Mike Betts (Co-Founder of the Michael and Cora Legacy Foundation with wife Debbie)

Mike and Debbie share their story of creating meaning and purpose out of tragedy:

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