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We Are All Connected: Sandi Schechter

July 15, 2020

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandi Schechter

Sandi Schechter has been a loyal Judi’s House Companion Volunteer for over 9 years. Sandi is a beacon of hope for many families and caregivers in our Connections groups impacted by suicide loss. Sandi speaks openly about her experience and offers authenticity and meaningfulness to these groups. Thank you, Sandi, for sharing your heart with our families and for your commitment to the Judi’s House mission and vision.

What is my involvement at Judi’s House? I have been a volunteer at Judi’s House since 2011. Under the guidance of Judi’s House counselors, I meet with groups who have experienced a loss by suicide. I listen and I hope to give them a sense of hope and encouragement as they look ahead to the long process of grief and life without their deceased [person].

What attracted me to Judi’s House? I had heard about Judi’s House from a friend and was interested in their purpose. I had lost my daughter to suicide years before and wanted to help survivors, if I could, wrestle with their pain and loss. I had found that finding people who could listen to my story and relate to me was often very difficult and that [grief] was a very lonely process, and so I thought I could help.

What would I tell someone who is thinking of volunteering? For anyone thinking about volunteering at this organization, I cannot say enough about how professional and compassionate they are. I have seen people come back to life and learn how to keep going when they thought it wasn’t possible. I’ve seen people support each other with the kindest love and caring. It is an experience I would have never hoped to be qualified for, but one I would not have wanted to miss.

Why do I volunteer? Volunteering is the most important thing I do at this time in my life. I did not have the kind of help Judi’s House offers after my daughter’s death. It would have made such a difference for me and I know it makes a world of difference for so many who cannot find this kind of help elsewhere. I am so privileged to work with them.

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