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We Are All Connected: Rachel and Amy

June 10, 2020

Staff Spotlights: Rachel Barnes (R) and Amy Wetherbee-Rodgers (L)

We welcomed Rachel Barnes, Grief Care Manager, to the Judi’s House team last August. Rachel’s kind and caring spirit is critical in this role as she is often the first person an individual interacts with when seeking services at Judi’s House. Rachel has established relationships in the community with like-minded social service agencies, mental health centers, and private practitioners to bridge the gap in services for grieving families, and to ensure children who are grieving have easy access to Judi’s House.In Rachel’s free time, she can be found spending time with her two daughters. Recently, they have created some amazing sidewalk chalk art projects!

“I’ve worked with children and families for over 20 years in various capacities. What specifically led me to Judi’s House is the mission. Grief and loss is an experience that is shared by all of us. My job is special because I get the chance to connect people with the best possible support system at a time they need it most, and have a direct hand in building this extraordinary community of Judi’s House families and partners.”

Amy Wetherbee-Rodgers, Communications Manager, also joined Judi’s House in August of 2019. From digital media to social content and printed pieces to outreach, Amy seeks to tell the story of the vital work and impact of Judi’s House/JAG Institute.When Amy isn’t talking about herself in the third person (hi!), she loves graphic design (don’t even get her started on fonts), a good Netflix binge, and hanging out with her family and dog in the great outdoors.

“What has been really impactful for me is when I tell people I work for Judi’s House. Nine times out of ten, someone knows our organization of has been helped in some way by the work we do. I am grateful to work for such a welcoming organization that is helping so many people. I fully believe in our mission and look forward to advancing our vision side-by-side with some pretty amazing people.”

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