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We Are All Connected: Amanda Howard

October 15, 2020

Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Howard

Amanda Howard has been a loyal Judi’s House volunteer since 2017. Expanding her involvement, this year, Amanda is the Co-Chair of the inaugural Judi’s House Emerging Leaders Committee, overseeing the Emerging Leaders Network (ELN). She was among the top individual fundraisers at our Virtual Tailgate, winning free beer for a year from 10 Barrel Brewing Company. Thank you, Amanda, for your continued work at Judi’s House. Your energy and passion are contagious, and we are so grateful for your support!

How did you first become involved with Judi’s House? After hearing an NPR story about childhood grief in late 2016, I researched resources that existed in Colorado. Through this research I found Judi’s House and signed up to be a Nourishment Provider shortly after!

Describe your volunteer role: Nourishment Provider and now Emerging Leaders Co-Chair!

Why do you volunteer? When I was 10, my younger sister died in an accident. It wasn’t until my 30s that I started digging into how her death affected my family and me. I have come to realize that unprocessed grief continues to manifest itself in different ways. My family would have benefited from a resource like Judi’s House, to process our grief, find healing, and connect with other grieving children. I volunteer in honor of my sister, so bereaved children don’t feel alone, and with hope for a healthier, grief-aware community.

What would you tell someone who is considering volunteering with Judi’s House? There are many ways to volunteer for Judi’s House, and they are all impactful. I started as a Nourishment Provider, which allowed me to contribute immediately with a minimal time commitment. Cooking and serving meals for that night’s group provided me insight into Judi’s House invaluable work. After a couple of meals, I was ready to take another step into the Emerging Leaders Committee. Start with what you are comfortable with, and you may find yourself called to do even more! No matter how you volunteer, you are contributing to a beautiful thing: Judi’s House.

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