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We Are All Connected: Dr. Ben and Jean Galloway

June 24, 2021

Dr. Ben and Jean Galloway have been part of the Judi’s House family since our inception nearly 20 years ago. Well known for their community service, the Galloways received Judi’s House/JAG Institute’s Healing Hand Award in 2017. Earlier this year, Dr. Ben was honored with the Colorado COPIC Humanitarian Award in recognition of his commitment to Colorado’s healthcare community as both a forensic pathologist and volunteer. COPIC Humanitarian Award honorees select a nonprofit to receive a $10,000 gift. We are grateful Dr. Ben designated this donation to benefit the children and families Judi’s House serves. Read below as Jean shares the Galloway’s rich history of involvement with Judi’s House.

Pictured above from left to right: Dr. Gerald Zarlengo, CEO of COPIC, Dr. Ben Galloway, Jean Galloway

What is your first memory of Judi’s House?

Shortly after the Broncos drafted Brian Griese, I had just started my own consulting business, and Denver Broncos’ President and CEO Joe Ellis asked if I would meet Brian and assist him in the early stages of starting Judi’s House. I was one of a handful of community leaders who helped make this dream become a reality. I introduced Brian to philanthropically inclined community and business leaders who helped supply the funding for the very first Judi’s House location.

What first prompted your involvement in Judi’s House?

After meeting Brian, it was not long before my husband, Dr. Ben Galloway, became acquainted with Brian and his wife, Dr. Brook Griese, and learned how committed they both were to help grieving families. This particularly hit home with Ben for two reasons: one, he lost his niece to suicide in her thirties, leaving behind two precious young children, and two, Dr. Ben is a forensic pathologist and knew all too well the emotional trauma families experience after the death of a loved one.

What do you feel is the most important component of the work we do at Judi’s House?

It’s difficult to pick one component, but in general, the programming helping children and other family members understand they’re not alone in their grief.

Why do you choose to invest in Judi’s House?

We invest in Judi’s House because of the trusted and committed leadership, the uniqueness of the mission and programming, and finally, the proven results.

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