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We Are All Connected: Julie Johnson Hince

September 28, 2022

Julie Johnson Hince instantly connected with our mission and vision because of her mother’s death when she was a teen. She has been involved as a volunteer and donor at Judi’s House since our foundational years. Julie and her husband, Jim Hince, recently donated to our capital campaign to help our organization grow in our new facility.

What has been your involvement with Judi’s House over the years?

I’ve been involved with Judi’s House since the beginning and have seen it grow from a very small organization in one little house, into another house across the street, and now into a brand-new facility to meet our growing needs. 

Over the years I’ve sat on various task forces and made and served dinners as a Nourishment volunteer with my husband and children to the many families that have come through Judi’s House. My kids always leave the dinners realizing how lucky they are and knowing that they have helped other kids. We’ve seen first-hand the huge difference on the kids’ faces from the first week to the end of the program when we see hope in their faces.

What spurred your initial interest in Judi’s House?

As with many who are involved with Judi’s House, I connected with the mission because of a personal loss. Mine specifically was when my mother committed suicide when I was 16. I grew up in a small town where there was no help and everyone pretended it didn’t happen. I’ve met many people who have carried this kind of burden into adulthood. As we know, that eventually catches up with you and I finally sought therapy as an adult. I think my childhood and my early adulthood would have been very different if there had only been a Judi’s House in my town. So, when I heard about Judi’s House, I was instantly hooked. I wanted to help kids and families through their grief. Judi’s House is not only making a difference for current families, but also for the future families of the kids currently receiving services. 

Why do you choose to invest in Judi’s House?

I can’t think of a better way to give back and make sure what happened to my lost childhood doesn’t happen to as many children as possible. I’ve given my donation in the name of my mother because we know that suicide and mental illness is a complicated and controversial. The more people we can help, the better our world will be. The other way to help is to tackle the issue through the mental health of the survivors and remaining family members just like Judi’s House does. With the help that I finally received in adulthood, I have been able to make peace with my past, but not until after experiencing a lot of agony. With my donations, I know that Judi’s House is able to offer peace to many others at a much earlier age and prevent years of suffering for these children.

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