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We Are All Connected: Margy Stewart

December 20, 2021

Colorado Gives Day donor, Margy Stewart, has been supporting Judi’s House through Community First’s local giving platform since 2010. Margy is a member of our newly founded Visionary Society, recognizing donors who have given to Judi’s House for 10 consecutive years.  Motivated by her own loss history and work with those who are grieving, she has utilized Colorado Gives Day as a way to maximize her support for our mission. Thank you, Margy for your continued generosity!

What inspires you to donate to Judi’s House?

My own father died when I was 16. Grief was never identified or discussed. Years ago, I was moved when I read about Brian Griese’s plan to develop Judi’s House based on his experience with his mother’s death when he was a child. My response to hearing about the organization was deep, resulting from the interweaving aspects of my personal and professional life.

Grief has been a major focus of my careers, first as a nurse, and later when I became a psychologist. As a nurse, I worked with parents who lost babies before or shortly after birth. As a psychologist, all my work has included grieving losses.

Believing grief needs to be recognized and respected, I was drawn to supporting Judi’s House because I knew their vision “no child should be alone in grief” was right.

You’ve participated in Colorado Gives Day since it’s inception! Why give through that platform?

Colorado Gives Day is a good way to bring attention to supporting all nonprofits, join others who are giving, and stretch my giving with the incentive programs and prizes nonprofits receive by participating.

What do you feel is the most important component of the work we do at Judi’s House?

All of the work is important, including work with parents and caregivers, but the facilitated work with children is most important. The loss of a parent or caregiver is a lonely experience and feelings of grief are overwhelming. Without help managing the confusing, lonely, and overwhelming feelings of grief, children run the risk of developing problematic ways of managing those feelings.

Groups provide opportunities for a sense of community, belonging, safety, and similarity where grief is recognized and attended to.

Broadening awareness of childhood grief for the community happens with the presence of Judi’s House.

Learn more about Colorado Gives Day at coloradogives.org.

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