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We Are All Connected: Molly Broeren and Bill Mosher

April 15, 2020

Donor Spotlight: Molly Broeren & Bill Mosher

Molly Broeren and Bill Mosher are dedicated community leaders, not only for Judi’s House, but for the city of Denver as a whole. From our early beginnings, their ongoing guidance and support have been critical drivers of our success providing essential care to grieving children and their families. Bill shares how he and Molly became connected to our mission and vision. Thank you, Molly and Bill, for your generosity and friendship!

What attracted you to Judi’s House? I am the eldest of four children and my dad passed away when I was 13. The shared experience and resulting friendship with Brian [Griese] created a long-term commitment to the mission of Judi’s House to care for grieving kids.

What is your first memory of Judi’s House? My first memory was having breakfast with Brian to discuss how to set up a nonprofit to support grieving kids. It was Brian’s dream to have a house where kids could come together in a community setting to address their grief. My first memory of an actual location was our initial house on 16th Avenue [in Denver].

In your opinion, what is the most important work that Judi’s House does? I used to believe the most important work [Judi’s House] did was serving kids in the house. While still essential and core to our mission, we had to expand awareness and services beyond this small group of kids. The creation of JAG Institute in 2014 allows us to expand awareness and offer school and counseling-based guidance to kids that cannot visit the house.

Why do you give? My siblings, my mother, and I had no guidance in addressing our grief. Molly and I support Judi’s House/JAG Institute to ensure parents and siblings have resources to guide them in their grieving process.

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