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We Are All Connected: Tracy Edwards Konkol and Steven Konkol

April 5, 2021

Tracy and her family found Judi’s House in 2014 after their son died by suicide. The Edwards Konkol family has continued to support our mission through monthly giving to help grieving families, like theirs, find connection and healing. Recurring gifts provide dependable and meaningful support to Judi’s House, helping fulfill our collective vision that no child should be alone in grief. Tracy and Steven, thank you for sharing your family’s journey with us and for creating a lasting impact on our community. (Pictured: Tracy and her daughter Chloe)

What was it that first spurred your involvement with Judi’s House?

Our son died by suicide when he was 14 and we brought our then 12-year-old daughter to Judi’s House as we had no idea how to assist her with her grief or how to process our trauma. Judi’s House was a warm and compassionate place that helped us with our own feelings of grief and guilt, provided us with the tools to address our daughter’s grief, and left us feeling less alone and adrift in our sadness.

What is your first memory of Judi’s House?

The quilts on the wall in the living room. They were sweet and loving memories of those lost and a touching artistic display. They were also a visual reminder that we were not alone in our grief.

What do you feel is the most important component of the work we do at Judi’s House?

As parents who have extensive experience across the mental health spectrum and are fully cognizant of the difficulties accessing therapy and the significant financial burden that also often accompanies access to therapy, the most important component of Judi’s House, in our view, is not only providing wonderful therapeutic programs for children, but also simultaneously providing accessible support to guardians who may be drowning in grief, financial concerns, or who simply may not know how best to support their children. In other words, accessibility and affordability to high quality therapy and expert support during a difficult time for the entire family is critical.

Why do you choose to invest in Judi’s House?

Our experience at Judi’s House was invaluable. Since we attended in 2014, we have recommended Judi’s House to many other families. We believe whole heartedly in its mission and take great pleasure in supporting Judi’s House financially so that other families may benefit from their expert resources.

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