Why We Must Quantify Grief: Judi’s House/JAG Institute On the Grief Out Loud Podcast

July 17, 2023

Dr. Micki Burns and Dr. Laura Landry joins Jana DeCristofaro and the Dougy Center to discuss why collecting data on childhood bereavement is important.

Dr. Micki Burns, Chief Clinical Officer and Dr. Laura Landry, Director of Evaluation & Research at Judi’s House/JAG Institute join the Grief Out Loud Podcast by the Dougy Center to talk about the CBEM report and how this data to inform the work we are doing in the childhood bereavement field.

In this episode, they dive into the CBEM which estimates how many children and teens will experience the death of a parent/caregiver or sibling before they turn 18. Additionally, they discuss the 2022 key topic reports which reflect the rise in deaths across the country due to COVID, substance misuse, and other causes.

Laura and Micki talk about why it’s essential to quantify grief, the risk factors children who are grieving face, the disproportionate death rates in communities of color, and what adults can do to support these 1 in 12 children grieving a death loss.

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