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Are you curious to know the prevalence of childhood bereavement in your community? We can help! We are thrilled to offer CBEM Reports and additional services to organizations and individuals across the country. The reports can help you build a more precise understanding of the magnitude of childhood bereavement locally, underscoring the need for grief services in your area.

Custom CBEM Reports

Local CBEM Report (starting at $600*)

Local CBEM Reports present childhood bereavement rates for up to eight counties selected by you. Bereavement data is provided by individual county as well as a cumulative rate.

Local CBEM Report Includes:

Expanded CBEM Report ($700*)

Expanded CBEM Reports allow organizations with multiple service areas or in large metropolitan areas to obtain childhood bereavement rates for two unique groupings of up to eight counties (16 counties total) reflecting an expanded service or target area.

Expanded CBEM Report Includes:

*Nonprofit discounts available.

We anticipate that all three bereavement types (death of a parent, death of a sibling, and death of a parent or sibling) will be produced for the requested cumulative county grouping(s). In some cases, CBEM results for parent or sibling bereavement and sibling bereavement cannot be reliably calculated due to data suppression.

Additional Services

Consultation | Service Maps | Community Demographic Profiles

Consultation ($400 per hour*)

Judi’s House/JAG Institute staff are available for consultation on report interpretation and data utilization or to discuss other questions about local data compilation.

*Nonprofit discounts available.

Service Maps (Starting at $700)

Service Maps indicate where families seeking grief services live relative to service center(s). The maps assist in visualizing reach, identifying service gaps, informing outreach plans, and communicating impact.

The accessibility and quality of your data will determine the type of Service Maps available (e.g., zip code or county specific results). Our team will partner with you to organize your participant data and develop custom maps of service area(s) in your community. After an initial consultation, we will identify the best options to match your needs.


An initial $100 fee provides your organization with custom consultation designed to assess the types of maps you need and the data you have available. This consultation yields a Service Map scope of work, which includes an outline of the maps that complement your data and a price quote. The initial fee will be applied to your overall Service Map cost. Service Maps start at $700.

Service Map Offerings

Service Area Map by Zip Code or County

A visual representation of your reach relative to your program location(s), this map shows the counties or zip codes where your participants live. This map also identifies service area gaps to inform growth and outreach activities.

View Sample Service Area Map

Participant Heat Map by Zip Code or County

A visual representation of the concentration of your participants in your service area(s), this map highlights the counties or zip codes with the highest and lowest number of participants. This map also identifies service area gaps to inform growth and outreach activities.

View Sample Service Area Map

Service Map Deliverables
  • PowerPoint slides with maps provided as JPGs including map titles, descriptions, and data/notations/insights
  • Excel file with all mapped zip codes or counties and participant location data
  • Excel file with all zip codes or counties highlighting gaps in service

Community Demographic Profiles (Starting at $400)

Understanding the characteristics of the community you serve is critical for assessing your needs and evaluating your impact. A Community Demographic Profile (CDP) from Judi’s House/JAG Institute can help provide this information.

A CDP uses the most recent 5-year aggregated data available from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) to provide information on the following community characteristics:

  • Racial Composition
  • Hispanic Origin
  • Ancestry
  • Economic Status: Poverty and Income
  • Family Structure
  • Origin of Foreign-Born Persons
  • Languages Spoken at Home
  • Health/Disability Status
  • Veteran Status
  • Age
  • Levels of Education
What questions can a Community Demographic Profile answer?

By comparing details from a CDP with your participant data, you can address questions such as:

  • Is the population we serve representative of the general community?
  • Are there differences in the demographics between the zip codes where most participants live compared to zip codes where few participants live?
  • Are there concentrated populations in our community who may require services in languages other than English?

Use the link below to access a sample CDP with demographic data for the Nation, States, and select counties and zip codes within Colorado. (Note: start with the Read Me worksheet for a more detailed overview of the file’s structure and contents.)

Sample Community Demographic Profile

An initial $100 fee provides your organization with custom consultation designed to review your data and ensure the CDP we provide correctly addresses your organization’s goals. The initial fee will be applied to your overall CDP cost.

Pricing for a CDP is based on the number of discrete locations included in the report using the following schedule:

  • $400 | Up to 40 locations
  • $600 | 41 to 80 locations
  • $800 | 81 to 120 locations
  • $1,000 | 121 to 160 locations
  • $1,200 | 161 to 200 locations

The total number of locations reflects the sum of the number of individual counties and zip codes and aggregated county or zip code groups.

Example 1: 

  1. Adams County, CO
  2. Denver County, CO
  3. Arapahoe County, CO
  4. Broomfield County, CO
  5. Jefferson County, CO
  6. Aggregate all five counties above

Total discrete locations: 6

Example 2:

  1. Adams County, CO
  2. Denver County, CO
  3. Jefferson County, CO
  4. Aggregate Adams and Denver Counties
  5. Aggregate Jefferson and Denver Counties
  6. Aggregate all three counties

Total discrete locations: 6

Selecting Locations for a Community Demographic Profile

Select locations at the following geographic scales:

  • Individual counties and aggregated county groups
  • Zip codes and aggregated zip code groups

National- and state-level demographic comparison data in the CDP is automatically provided.

Purchasing a Community Demographic Profile

To order a CDP, the first step is to complete a request form using the button below.

The order form will ask you to upload an Excel or Word file with the counties and zip codes you would like included. If you wish to aggregate information across a group of counties or, separately, across a group of zip codes, we will also need information on how these counties and zip codes should be grouped.

For example, the italicized reporting groups are used in the example CDP referenced above to reflect data aggregated for the associated lists of Colorado counties:

  • Primary Service Area: Adams County, CO; Arapahoe County, CO; Broomfield County, CO; Denver County, CO; Jefferson County, CO
  • Secondary Service Area: Boulder County, CO; Douglas County, CO
Request a Community Demographic Profile
Community Demographic Profile Deliverables

The CDP data will be delivered as an Excel file with the following worksheets:

  • Read Me : Summarizes the data, describes the format and content of the results worksheets and worksheets linking counties and zip codes to aggregate reporting groups
  • US w State reporting template : Results for the U.S. and individual states including Washington, D.C.
  • County reporting template : Results for your selected counties and, if identified, any aggregate county groups
  • Zip code reporting template : Results for your selected zip codes and, if identified, any aggregate zip code groups
  • LOCATION Zip Code Reference : Details used to link your selected zip codes to the zip code tabulation areas the ACS uses to report data at this scale
  • LOCATION County Reference : Details used to link selected counties to any specified aggregate county groups

Reports in Action

We piloted Local CBEM Reports with our Childhood Bereavement Changemakers, a group of six diverse, passionate organizations looking to better understand the prevalence of childhood bereavement in their own communities. Over the course of two years, we worked closely with each Changemaker and developed tailored reports that helped inform planning, influence change, increase funding, and enhance their overall impact on bereaved children and families.

Read their stories:

Judi’s House/JAG Institute partnered with the New York Life Foundation to help support grieving children and families by creating the Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model.

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