Two National Key Topic Reports explore childhood bereavement by cause of death.

The Leading Causes of Death Report focuses on the top 5 leading causes of death for youth and adults, respectively, and provides the percentage and number of children bereaved by each cause. Examining childhood bereavement through this lens offers opportunities for collaboration and advocacy. The information encourages discussion and considerations about how to tailor care to the unique needs of each child and family.

Building off this data, the COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Report provides a deeper dive into the significance of the pandemic on the field of childhood bereavement. Findings highlight staggering 2020 increases in childhood bereavement due to the death of a parent by drug overdose and homicide by gunshot alongside the rise in bereavement due to COVID-19 from 2020 through August 2022.   

Explore our CBEM Cause of Death reports and resources.

2022 CBEM Leading Causes of Death Report

2022 CBEM Pandemic Impact Report

CBEM Leading Causes of Death Data Tables


Judi’s House/JAG Institute partnered with New York Life Foundation to help support grieving children and families by creating the Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model.

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