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do-it-yourself stress ball – family activity

Supplies Needed:

The holiday months can bring on more stress for all members of the family, and this stress can also show up in your bodies! Your body may feel tense and stiff. To help relieve this stress and perhaps create some moments of laughter and relief, take some time as a family to create Stress Balls. You can set up little stations with the supplies needed and help one another fill up the balloons with the desired filler (beans, rice, flour, etc). You can then draw feelings faces, emoji faces, or whatever you would like on your stress balls. When anyone is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, remind each other to squeeze and release the grip on the stress ball, relieving some of that tension in the body.

Gratitude collage – youth activity ages 11-18

Supplies Needed:

With the holidays approaching, it can be difficult to think of things one is grateful for, especially when you are grieving a loss. This activity can help you start to focus on the things you do have in your life that you are thankful for or appreciate. Make a collage using magazine clippings, stickers, drawings, photos, or anything symbolizing what you are grateful for. You can hang this collage in your room or any place you look for inspiration as a gratitude reminder.

pie of thanks – youth activity ages 3-12

Supplies Needed:

It’s tough to be thankful when you are grieving—your thoughts tend to focus on the death and what’s missing. The holidays make this even more challenging. Although it is difficult, it can be helpful to try thinking about what we do have and what we are grateful for. You may have to start small, “I’m thankful for the sunshine,” and grow from there. “I am grateful for pets, family, and talents I have.” This activity is designed to help.

You will need one paper plate. Use a pencil to divide the plate into 6 slices, like a pie. In each “slice” write one thing you are grateful for. Use a piece of construction paper to cut a circle the size of the inside of a paper place. Cut a section out of the circle—the same size as a pie slice. Put this construction paper on top of the paper plate and secure with a tack in the middle. Decorate the construction paper anyway you want and perhaps writing, “I am thankful for…” Any time you are feeling down or like you need a thankful reminder spin the Pie of Thanks.

See an example here!

Story Corner

“The Thankful Book” by Todd Parr

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