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affirmation calendar – family activity

Supplies Needed:

Collaborate as a family to create a calendar of coping skills and affirmations. To complete this activity you will write out affirmations or coping skills on square pieces of paper. Then, glue or tape the affirmations and coping skills onto a poster. Following, glue or tape slightly larger squares to the left of the affirmation or coping skill square to create a door. Optional: keep the door shut with the use of a sticker! Go through the calendar as a family, each day.

Special person snowflake – Youth Activity ages 3 – 18

Supplies Needed:

Snowflakes are unique, just like our special people are.

For this activity, you and your family can generate ideas, individually or together, about what made your special person unique. You will then write one unique thing on each of the popsicle stick and glue them together to form a snowflake. Glue on a ribbon and decorate with colors, glitter, or other materials if you choose.

Hands of hope wreath – youth activity ages 3 – 12

Supplies Needed:

Generating hope can be a helpful way to cope with grief. For this activity, trace your hands onto construction paper and cut them out. On each hand, write wishes and goals for the future. When you are done, glue them along the outside of a paper plate to form a wreath. Add a ribbon or bow if you choose!

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“The Memory Box” by Joanna Rowland

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