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Dedication Walk – Family Activity

Throughout the year, holidays, anniversaries, and special occasions may remind you of a person who died. Regardless of your relationship with the person who died, you may experience grief waves. The Dedication Walk is an opportunity for family members to spend quality time together while connecting about your grief and remembering your special person. Go on a walk or bike ride together and notice what reminds you of your special person around you. During your outing, family members take turns finding memorabilia in nature (e.g. colors, sounds, smells, animal, objects). This can be a form of honoring the person who died and the life they lived. A Dedication Walk can become a tradition, a daily practice, or a weekly activity—a moment to connect with the special person and honor them. If your special person who died was your father or like a father to you, this activity can be a way to pay tribute to them on Father’s Day.

In Honor Of… – Youth Activity Ages 11 – 18

On books, music albums, and programs, you can often find a written dedication to someone or something. Imagine you are writing your own book, have just recorded your own album, or are performing in a play or movie. How would you like to dedicate it to your special person? Take some time to write a dedication to them. This activity is something you can do at different points in your life, whenever you find yourself wishing they were there with you.

dedication chain – Youth Activity Ages 3 – 10

When our grief feels overwhelming, it is natural to focus on our special person not being here. Although they are not here in-person, we can still invite them to join us for big or small life moments. Cut strips of paper (different colors if possible) and store them somewhere accessible. Before or after an event that you wish they were there for, write or draw a picture of that moment on a strip of paper and anything you’d want to share with them about it. Each time you add an event, link them together to create a chain of dedication, or create a family chain that everyone can add to.

Story Corner

“Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You” by Nancy Tillman

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