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Holding on in a different way – Family Activity


Hold on to your special person in different ways—in your heart, mind, body, spirit, and behaviors!  A vision board can help creatively plan or dream up ideas on why and how we want to hold on to our special person who died.  Create one together as a family and put it up in a common space as a reminder that you are connected and are still holding on…in different ways.


Connect to Shared Values – Youth Activity Ages 13 – Adult

What are your values? Values act as an inner compass that helps us stay connected to who we are and who we want to be. Find a values list online or use this one by Brene Brown.

Often times, special people in our life can impact our values in significant ways.

Draw or print a template of any tree you like (palm tree, oak tree, cactus, pine tree). Consider each part of the tree: roots, trunk, and branches. Based on the each section of the tree, define where your special person fits into your values.

Write these values on your tree, highlighting them in a way that is meaningful or creatively expresses each one. Repeated values are expected in these different sections and are an invitation for further reflection.

Questions for discussion:

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Snowflakes – Youth Activity Ages 3 – 12

Snowflakes are unique. Each one is different and beautiful. Memories of your special person are like snowflakes too. Make snowflake memories to connect to your special person! 

With an adult’s help use paper to cut out snowflakes.  On each snowflake, write a memory or draw a picture about your special person. Ask for permission to tape them up on the walls, ceilings, doors, etc., and see how beautiful it can be to remember. Share your beautiful snowflakes memories with others.

Adults you can cut snowflakes out, find free snowflake templates and other creative ideas online, or buy them.

Story Corner

“Always and Forever” by Alan Durant

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